Lose Weight Fast? What are the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight?


Everybody seems to want to lose weight fast and are searching for the secret remedy to this. More often than not the remedy or diet lays undiscovered. Ironically the answer to what are  the fastest way to lose weight is much more simple than everyone imagines.

In an age where convenience is king and where we can get pretty much what we want, when we want it, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that crash diets, or sachet or shakes are going to be the answer to all of our woes. More often than not, these diets only lead us to a feeling  a sense of failure when we pile back on the pounds.  So if these famous crash diets are not the answer, then what exactly is? I’ve pondered on what are the fastest ways to lose weight many a time and the same thoughts always come to mind. Let’s explore them together.

A Change of Attitude

It sounds brutal  but often the truth is always that way, stop looking for easy street. Unfortunately the most rewarding things in life come to us when we work hard. Forget the tummy tucks etc…the more you put into something then the more you are going to get out of it. This principal works the same for everything, and our diet and the way we look and feel about ourselves are no exception.

Change Your Relationship with Food

Does food really offer us comfort when we feel down? It’s easy to go for the chocolate or ice cream when we feel down or hopeless, bored or just fancying something quick, but our relationship with these foods are damaging to our emotional and physical health.

Whole foods over processed foods

As I said earlier, convenience seems to be king these days, and the rise in fast foods, prepackaged and ready-made foods have certainly taken over supermarkets these days. I recall as a child going to the market over the supermarket for many of the foods we ate as a family, but slowly this way of shopping became less and less common, and the supermarkets dominated with microwave produce, ready-made pizzas and TV dinners high in sodium. Even our vegetables are nuked in the microwave these days.

The answer lies in replacing these convenience foods for whole foods once again. Foods such as dried pulses, lentils, fruits, vegetables and rice are much cheaper to buy, last so much longer and have the magical ability to keep your lean and healthy. Go to the market and explore what your locality has to offer. It’s probably much more than you imagine.

Get out and walk

So many of us rely on our cars these days, in fact there are more cars on the road today than there have ever been in history, leading us to a world where dependence on four wheels to get the simplest of tasks done is alarmingly a necessity.  For instance, how many of us drive to the local store not 5 minutes walk from home?  It’s so common it’s almost a tragedy. Did you know that by ditching the car and walking to instead can burn up to 145 calories per mile walked, and walking a mile only takes the average person 5 to 10 minutes.

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