The BEST weight loss breakfast ideas


They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but so many of us skip it due to a variety of reasons. Not having enough time is the most common excuse I hear, and what this leads to is snacking on junk as the day progresses.

For those of you who do enjoy a breakfast, okay I understand it, there’s nothing quite like a nice thick slice of toast with lashings of butter for breakfast, but this really isn’t the ideal breakfast choice for those who are trying to keep or get lean!

There are however lots of breakfast choices that WILL keep you fuller for longer, more alert and trim, the problem is fining those which we can imagine getting excited over every morning…let’s list some of the healthy breakfast ideas I shall be writing recipes for this coming week that might keep you excited about keeping lean! Simply subscribe to us (see below) and look out for the recipes this week…


Avocado and tomato on sprouted grain toast

Cinnamon porridge with banana and raisins

Poached egg on portobello mushroom

Fruit salad 

Quinoa porridge 

Greek yoghurt with fruit and nuts 

Cayenne spiced beans on toast



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