Healthy Ice Cream DOES exist! Here is the Recipe YOU have been Waiting for


With summer surely on its way, what else could be more satisfying on a hot day than a pot of creamy ice-cream to enjoy in the blistering sunshine? The only problem is that those small pots of ice-cream are actually so calorific (267 calories per cup), you could eat your entire daily allowance in one very small sitting. What’s scary though is that fat content can be very high in these products (14.2g per cup). So what can you do? The answer lies in swapping your fat dense ice cream for healthy ice cream, of course!

The answer that I propose is rather simple, nutritious and absolutely divine…the answer is frozen over-ripe banana ice-cream! Say what? Yes I am telling you to freeze those brown bananas and turn it into healthy ice cream! But how? Well let me explain in a moment, but first let’s take a look at why the banana is a great addiction to your diet..

  1. bananas aid digestion
  2. they’re full of potassium
  3. they help in weight loss
  4. they’re good for heart health
  5. they are full of antioxidants
  6. they improve insulin sensitivity
  7. They also keep you fuller for longer
  8. and they are good for before and after workouts

Wow that’s a lot of benefits from one simple fruit we often take for granted! Now, onto the recipe…

What you will need

1 food processor (powerful one like this) Kenwood 0W22010002 Food Processor – White and Grey

2 over ripe bananas 

A freezer

A few splashes on a milk of your choice (I go for vanilla soya milk)



1.  Simply cut your bananas into disks and pop into the freezer for a few hours!

2. Once frozen, place frozen banana into a food processor and blitz! This process can take a few minutes so don’t expect results immediately!

3. Adjust the bananas as you blend to make sure all the banana gets blitzed.

4. Pour a splash of your chosen milk in as you blend to make your healthy ice cream soft, and like Mr Whippy ice cream!


Ta dah…enjoy!






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