Grow Your Own in the City: Microgreens and Sprouts


Here at we like to encourage more and more people to grow some of their own food! Unfortunately, it is city dwellers who always seem to get a raw deal on the ‘dig for victory’ front, with little to no space available to grow anything worthwhile! But microgreens and sprouts (no not brussel sprouts) are the answer to your problems!
I can guarantee you, no matter where your geographical location, no matter what your knowledge, YOU can grow microgreens and sprouts in abundance with very little to no space! Literally anyone can grow them as they take up no space, no brains and no time either! What’s more is they are packed full of nutrition and punch! They are super nutrient dense and are living foods.

So what exactly are microgreens and sprouts?

There is a small difference between the two, but both tend to get banded together as one and the same.
Microgreens are seeds that are grown in soil (usually a seed tray) and allowed to grow for up to 2 weeks! The leaves and stems are consumed once the sprouted seeds have produced two to four leaves. They are simply cut at soil level when harvested.
Typical microgreens to grow are rocket, beetroot greens, parsley, basil, kale, watercress.
Sprouts on the other hand are grown in a sprouting jar (see link for what you will need to buy) with no need for compost and are rinsed twice daily in order to water the seedlings. These can be harvested (seed and sprout) within 5 or 6 days and used in a multitude of ways, from adding to veggie burgers to simple salads.
Typical seeds used for sprouts are alfalfa, mung bean, radish, broccoli, green leaf.

To grow microgreens you will need:
1. Seed tray
2. Watering spray bottle
3. Multipurpose compost
4. Seed of choice
Simply fill up your seed tray with compost (making sure there are a few drainage holes in the bottom) and sprinkle your seeds on top. Cover with a little compost and spray with water. Pop onto the windowsill and keep watered twice a day. You will start to see the microgreens shoot through within a few days!
To grow sprouts you will need:
1. Sprouting jar A Vogel Biosnacky Germinator Seed Jar with Lid (Pack of 2 Jars) (click the link for the jars you will need)

2. Seeds of choice
Soak your seeds (2 tablespoons will do) overnight in your sprouting jar and drain the morning after. Place the drained jar onto your windowsill (Best left on a 45° angle to allow for drainage and aeration) and make sure you rinse and drain the seeds in the jar every 12 hours. The sprouts will be ready to eat in 5 or 6 days!
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