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First let me introduce myself, my name is Martin and I am from the United Kingdom. I have a passion in health, well-being, fitness and nutrition, which has been the driving force behind veggiemelean.com. This website was created with YOU, the reader, in mind as providing the best health, well-being, fitness and nutrition articles should be available to access by anyone, wherever they are in the world, whatever their circumstance.

I graduated as an  Occupational Therapist back in 2009 and have been growing my knowledge of health ever since, particularly in he role of nutrition, fitness, mental health and its impact upon our most important asset, our health. I believe that an organic, vegan or vegetarian lifestyle has an enormously beneficial impact upon our lives and as a Personal Trainer, Healthcare Professional and mental health specialist I believe that I can help deliver this message to YOU.

I also believe strongly in growing your own organic fruit and vegetables, and incorporating what you grow in your diet daily. Local food is often expensive or difficult to source, so my message will include tips on how to grow your own, and what exactly to grow for the health you deserve. I will include many of my own recipes that I use daily on this website and invite and encourage you to use them and pass them along.

I do hope you enjoy reading and trying my recipes, and sharing them with your friends too.

Remember to eat clean whole foods to stay lean and to keep your mind and body strong.

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