10 Ways to Kiss Goodbye to Excess Weight and to Lose Fat


So here are the 10 ways to kiss goodbye to excess weight and to lose fat…

Number One: Up Your Steps 

This really should go without saying, but so many of us just jump into the car to pick up some milk from the local shop, or drive 2 minutes down the road to see a friend. How easy and simple would it be to just leave the car at home and walk instead? I have been monitoring how many calories I burn every day and I tend to average at burning 100 calories every 10 minutes whilst walking at a steady pace. Imagine walking for a hour a day, that is 600 calories burned just by doing something that you don’t even realise is trimming your waist.


Number Two: Ditch the Spread or Butter

Believe it or not, it is NOT impossible to eat a sandwich with no butter or spread! It is actually quite easy, depending on what you are having! A scraping of hummus or avocado is a much better alternative and your belly will thank you immensely when it shrinks a little through using this method.


Number Three: Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier

By waking up jut 15 minutes earlier you are giving yourself an extra 1hr 45mins each week to stress less. How many of us are stressed out in the morning, running around trying to get ready for work or school, get the kids ready and worrying about the silly things in life? More stress = more fat. This is due to the hormone cortisol which is released much more in times of stress. Unfortunately this hormone makes us hold onto fat too! So stress less and you will lose fat.


Number Four: Drink Water and Nothing Else 

How many of us waste calories on a can of coke or a soft drink which we believe is healthy, but laden with empty calories and pumping with sugar? Ditch these drinks for a bottle of water and not only will you lose weight, your skin will look amazing, and your body will start to look and feel much healthier.


Number Five: Get an Active Hobby

So many of us go to work, come home, stick the TV on and sit there with junk food all evening after a hard slog in the office. Why not try something new instead? There are endless clubs, societies, sports teams etc… up and down the country where you could get involved. I like to play badminton once per week, and this easily burns off 800 calories in one hour! Imagine that! Fun and butt busting!


Number Six: Use Side plates

If you look at the size of dinner plates these days, they are enormous, and it really is no wonder people know nothing about portion control. Instead of using these, opt for a side plate and watch the pounds drop. Not only will you trick your body into thinking its getting the huge portion still, you will feel full and lose weight in the process.


Number Seven: Mindful Eating

The slower you eat, the quicker you get full! I have to hold my hand up here and admit that I adore eating good food, and when I am enjoying something I will just hoover it up so  fast that I barely stopped to taste what I was eating. Enjoy your food, taste it, eat mindfully and you will lose weight.


Number Eight: Ditch the Sweets for Frozen Grapes 

Ok this might not sound appealing at first, but humour me and give it a try! Sweets are just empty calories full of sugar and if you’re putting this bad boys away daily, it’s time to kick them to the curb. Try freezing some grapes and using these are sweets instead. They are surprisingly delicious.


Number Nine: Shop After Eating 

How many of us are guilty of going food shopping when we are hungry? The answer is, probably all of us! It’s so easy to buy unhealthy and calorie dense foods when you are hungry as your body is trying to tell you that it needs to eat and it needs those calories now! Research tells us that when we shop after eating we are less likely to buy junk food.


Number Ten: Go to Bed Earlier

Research tells us that rest is one of the most important factors in losing weight, getting fit and healthy and putting on muscle. This is because our bodies are going into recovery mode when we sleep. Our bodies need this time for us to make the gains in our fitness and health, and oh….would you be shocked if I told you that you are actually burning calories when you sleep? It’s true 🙂


So there you have it, 10 ways to lose weight and kiss good bye to fat!


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